I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who helped and/or continue to help me along my recovery journey. 

“Together we can do what we could never do alone.”

Dawn S– for teaching me to be kind to myself

Dr A. J.– for leading me to OA and challenging my thinking while giving me the room to do my own “research”

Ruth W– for providing structure, not allowing me to “smear my crazy all over her”, spending countless hours guiding me, and holding my feet to the flames <3

My Family– for the love, support, and space I need to work my program and for being my biggest cheerleaders

Barbara A– for clear-cut Big Book directions and analogies that speak to me and help me pass along the message of recovery

Harlan G, Kim G, Ruth M, Esther C, Lawrie C- for sharing their experience, strength, and hope through their powerful shares

Lawrie C– for being a humble servant of the message of recovery, passing along well-written explanations of each Step, inspiring me, and giving assistance along my journey

Blaine D-for creating the insightful and immensely valuable Step 4 and Step 11 forms found on

My Sponsees- for challenging me, keeping me humble, strengthening my recovery, and allowing me to be a part of their recovery

“Spiritual Mentors”-for being my unknowing sponsors! If I call/text you with Step 10’s to work through and/or share sponsoring experiences you know who you are!

OA Fellowship– I have met so many people in the rooms of OA, on the telephone, and online. Some of them have been my sponsors and all have been my mentors in recovery. Sometimes they’ve shown me what to do and sometimes what not to do but I have learned something valuable from all of them.