How can I get your recordings to play on my iPhone without stopping? 

Set your screen-saver Auto-lock function to “Never” so it does not automatically turn off. Go to your settings. Go to “Display & Brightness”. Go to “Auto-lock”.  Select “Never”.

Is this an official OA workshop?

No. This is not an official Overeaters Anonymous workshop. It is simply one person in recovery (me) sharing what I learned from other recovered compulsive overeaters, which brought about my recovery.

Can this workshop be completed faster or slower.

Yes! Work at your own pace. Just remember that once you are abstaining from your binge foods/ingredients/behaviors, you will need a way to be peaceful without them. If you could do that yourself you wouldn’t need the 12 Steps at all. Your mental obsession will still be alive and well after putting down the food so you will need to work through the 12 Steps abstinently in order to connect with a power that can relieve your mental obsession so you can live happily without those binge foods/ingredients/behaviors.