The Steps:

The Steps are meant to be worked in order. Each Step builds upon the previous Step. This workshop is also meant to be worked in order. Each week builds upon the previous week’s recording and assignments.

This is a practical Step Workshop. It is designed to use the directions from the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous to recover from compulsive eating, and to maintain that recovery on a day-by-day basis for the rest of your life. This workshop originated as a 15-week live telephone Step study. The format is academic in nature while recovery is spiritual. In my experience, it was helpful to have the extra explanations, documents, and the guidance my sponsor  provided along my Step journey. The structure kept me busy and helped me understand the Steps cognitively. This understanding eventually moved from my head to my heart and I had a spiritual awakening. My hope is that this format helps you understand the directions in the Big Book better in order to connect to a source of Power that can solve your problem. However, if this format over-complicates things for you and isn’t helpful, that’s ok! You can still recover! There are many paths to a spiritual awakening. This was mine.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The GUIDES & DOCUMENTS, ASSIGNMENTS, and RECORDINGS associated with this site are not OA affiliated. They simply reflect the personal experience, strength, and hope of OA members who use the directions found in the Big Book to work the Twelve Steps to recover from compulsive eating. The assignments, recordings,  and guides&documents are meant to be supplemental. 

How to Start:

  1. Click on the INTRO-STEP 4 tab on the INDEPENDENT STUDY drop-down menu. Start by completing all of the Intro-Assignments.
  2. Click on the INTRO-STEP 4 tab on the INDEPENDENT STUDY drop-down menu and move on to complete the “Step 1(a. Physical Craving)” assignments.
  3. Move on in this manner until you’ve completed all of the INTRO-STEP 4 assignments.
  4. Click on the STEP 4(cont.)-STEP 12  tab on the INDEPENDENT STUDY drop-down menu and work you’re way through the rest of the Steps.                       

If you follow the directions, which I believe are contained in the Big Book, you will have recovered within twelve weeks. You will then continue with Steps Ten, Eleven, and Twelve-how to maintain and grow your spiritual condition.

We are guaranteed recovery by the end of Step Nine. We keep recovery by doing Steps Ten through Twelve. 

The Tools:

I’ve heard it said that if you are going sky-diving it is highly recommended that you wear a parachute. Likewise, if you are going to embark upon working the 12 Steps it is highly recommended that you use some TOOLS.