*PLEASE NOTE:  The recordings associated with this site are not OA affiliated. They simply reflect the personal experience, strength, and hope, of OA members who use the directions found in the Big Book to work the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous. 

These recordings (highlighted in green) are from a 15-week live telephone workshop that I facilitated. Listen to the recording before working on the corresponding assignments. The assignments both review the recording for the week and prep for the following week’s recording. All recordings are linked in the weekly assignments so you can access them easily. Click on the link provided for each weekly recording below. Links to these recordings can also be found in the list of weekly assignments.

*Having trouble playing the recordings? See Recordings FAQ.


Step 1 (a. Physical Craving) The Doctor’s Opinion pgs. xxv-xxxii

Step 1 (b.  What Does It Look Like in A Human Being?) Chapter 1 Bill’s Story pgs. 1-16

Step 1 (c. Mental Obsession)Chapter 2 There Is A Solution pgs. 17-29

Step 1 (d. Spiritual Malady, Unmanageability) Chapter 3 More About Alcoholism pgs. 30-43

Step 2 Chapter 4 We Agnostics pgs. 44-57

Step 3 Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 58-64

Step 4 (a. Resentment Form, first three columns) Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 63-66

Step 4 (b. Resentment Form, last column) Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 66-67

Step 4 c. (Fear) Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 67-68

Step 4 (d. Sex Conduct, Harm) Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 68-71

Step 5, 6, 7 Chapter 6 Into Action pgs. 72-76

Step 8&9 Chapter 6 Into Action pgs. 76-84

Step 10 Chapter 6 Into Action pgs. 84-85

Step 11 Chapter 6 Into Action pgs. 85-88

Step 12 Chapter 7 Working with Others pgs. 89-103