February 1, 2020 More About Alcoholism ASSIGNMENTS

Do The Work:  1.8,  1.9  in the-big-workbook; Call someone from the workshop to discuss what you’ve learned.

Read: In your own copy of the AA Big Book, read “We Agnostics” (pgs 44-57) Please do not read ahead in “The Big Workbook”.

Practice: Abstinence and The Tools of Recovery.

To play back today’s meeting: via telephone: Dial (515)604-9688, Access Code 119789#, Reference Number 35# or click here: February 1, 2020 More About Alcoholism

Optional: Looking for additional ways to review what we’ve covered this week or prepare for next week? Go to Step 1(d. Spiritual Malady) under “Independent Study” on the home page.