Step 4 (d. Sex Conduct, Harm)

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Listen to the following recording in green. Then complete the assignments below. Step 4 (d. Sex Conduct, Harm) Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 68-71

SPONSEES: skip the recording and complete the assignments below.

For all assignments you should pencil underline what is meaningful for you and/or write down any questions for discussion with a recovered compulsive overeater or partner in recovery. 

1.Complete: Sex Conduct Forms

2.Complete: Harms Forms (without sex) Use the Sex Conduct Form to fill out any other “harms” you’ve caused that don’t involve sex. These might be things that didn’t make it to your Resentment, Fear, or Sex Conduct Forms but they bother you because you know you harmed someone.

Examples of filled-out Step 4 can be found on

After STEP 4 PROMISES CHECKLIST:  Have I written down a lot? Have I listed and analyzed my resentments? Have I begun to comprehend the futility and fatality of my resentments? Have I begun to learn tolerance, patience, and good will toward all men, even my enemies? Do I look on my enemies as sick people? Have I listed the people I hurt by my conduct and am I willing to straighten out the past if I can? Am I convinced that God can remove whatever self-will has blocked me off from Him? Have I swallowed and digested some big chunks of truth about myself?

3.Read: Chapter 6 Into Action Big Book pgs 72-76

*4.Read: Step 5 AA&OA 12/12

*5.Read:  Study Guide Steps 5, 6, 7

6.Continue Practicing: abstinence & plan of eating, TOOLS

Print: Additional Resource * STEP 4 Relationship Ideal