Step 10

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Listen to the following recording in green. Then complete the assignments below. Step 10 Chapter 6 Into Action pgs. 84-85

SPONSEES: skip the recording and complete the assignments below.

For all assignments you should pencil underline what is meaningful for you and/or write down any questions for discussion with a recovered compulsive overeater or partner in recovery. 

1.Practice: Step 10 spot check “CLEAN HOUSE” whenever you are disturbed (AA Big Book pg 52 bedevilments checklist)

1a. Use: appropriate resentment, fear, harms inventory forms (Step 4)

1b.Share: YOUR PART ONLY with another recovered compulsive overeater (Step 5)

1c.Pray: for God to remove your shortcomings and help you practice their opposites (Steps 6&7)

1d.Make: amends where applicable (Steps 8&9)

Are you using the Resentment, Fear, Sex Ideal prayers?

After Step 10: Promises Checklist- Have I begun to sense the flow of His Spirit into me? Have I to some extent become God Conscious? Have I begun to develop this vital sixth sense?

2.Read: Chapter 6 Into Action Big Book pgs 85-88

*3.Listen: Any Special Edition on Step 10

*4.Read: Study Guide Step 11

*5.Read: Step 11 OA&AA 12&12

6.Download: Step 11 Form

7.Continue to: make your amends(Step 9), CLEAN HOUSE(Step 10), and practice abstinence/plan of eating, OA tools