Step 1(What Does It Look Like?)

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Listen to the following recording in green. Then complete the assignments below. Step 1 (b.  What Does It Look Like in A Human Being?) Chapter 1 Bill’s Story pgs. 1-16

SPONSEES: Skip ahead to the assignments below.

For all assignments you should pencil underline what is meaningful for you and/or write down any questions for discussion with a recovered compulsive overeater or partner in recovery. 

*1.Read: Step 1 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (AA 12&12)

*2. Listen: to one or more of the following “A Vision For You” recordings below or under the “Special Editions” tab on the website 

3. Read: Chapter 2 There Is A Solution (Big Book) pgs. 17-29

*4. READ Study Guide Step 1 (c. Mental Obsession)

5. Continue Practicing: abstinence & plan of eating,  TOOLS