Step 1(d. Spiritual Malady)

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Listen to the following recording in green. Then complete the assignments below. Step 1 (d. Spiritual Malady, Unmanageability) Chapter 3 More About Alcoholism pgs. 30-43

SPONSEES: skip the recording and complete the assignments below.

STEP 1 CONCLUSION:  Is it clear to me that I am a real compulsive overeater and cannot manage my own life? Is it clear that no human power can relieve my compulsive overeating?

For all assignments you should pencil underline what is meaningful for you and/or write down any questions for discussion with a recovered compulsive overeater or partner in recovery.  

*1.Listen: to one or more of the following “A Vision For You” recordings below or under the “Special Editions” tab on the website 

2. Read: Chapter 4 We Agnostics Big Book pgs. 44-57

             2a. Write: a list of the methods (logs) you’ve tried to control your compulsive overeating. See: LOGS, LIES, & LOSS*

*3. Read: Step 2 AA&OA 12&12;

*4.  Read: Study Guide Step 2

5. Continue Practicing: abstinence & plan of eating,  TOOLS