Step 3

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Listen to the following recording in green. Then complete the assignments below. Step 3 Chapter 5 How It Works pgs. 58-64

SPONSEES: skip the recording and complete the assignments below.

STEP 3 DECISION:  Will I turn my will(thinking) and life(actions) over to the care of my Higher Power…(by actively working Steps 4-12?)

For all assignments you should pencil underline what is meaningful for you and/or write down any questions for discussion with a recovered compulsive overeater or partner in recovery. 

1.Share: say Step 3 prayer aloud with someone else

1a. Add: Step 3 prayer to your daily quiet time practice. *optional: Step 3 Rewrite  

Promises Checklist- Was an effect, even a very great one felt at once?

2. Download: Resentments Form DO NOT FILL OUT YET

You will be leaving this site and going to to access these forms. I could have made it easy and put these forms in this site’s guides & docs but is a great site to visit and I hope you will find it useful in your Step journey. Much of what I am passing along to you is from the author of a Big Book Step Study on this site.

3. Read: Chapter 5 How It Works Big Book pgs 63-66

*4. Read: attached: Study Guide Step 4 (a. resentment form, first three columns)

5. Share: your Step 1,2,3 experiences with newcomers. Refer to the Big Book!


6. Continue Practicing: abstinence & plan of eating,  TOOLS